About Advocateur

This boutique business entity was incepted in 2012 as a specialized Information and Communications Technology (ICT) service provider. Since our registration with Malaysian Ministry of Finance in 2016, we have helped deliver strategic initiatives to the public and private sectors in the country.

Inspired by the dramatic advocacy of the The Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0), Advocateur’s new journey is chartered on this ground-breaking narrative. The framing of our business is to connect dynamics, values, stakeholders and technologies of IR 4.0 to transforming and growing corporations. It is rewarding to allocate investments in more agile approaches and strategies that empower communities. At Advocateur, we strive to deliver this successfully.

As an established business entity, we pride ourselves in presenting defined strategies in the sectors we partake: ethically and effectively. Embarking on growth ventures can be both challenging and rewarding. If you see a way ahead but seek certainty on how and when to act on your plans and strategies, we are here to guide you progress and facilitate your company’s growth.

We offer solutions that are customised to your specific requirements and tailored to each ecosystem’s unique challenges. We deploy our proven methodologies and utilise our databases and network to analyse prospects, to craft and execute strategies accordingly.

Our specialisation in the Oil & Gas, Power, Defense, Information and Communications Technology sectors will take your expectation to another level and we aspire to bring our strategic solutions into transforming your growth exponentially. Backed by our extended experience in these industries, we confront the challenges of your business and transform them into opportunities with great returns and benefits.

Our Senior Leadership Team commands vast experience to understand the sectors’ aspirations, business conducts and operational demands. We bridge the gap between each aspect of the business making sure it retains the sense of connection at every level.


Adapting Corporate Citizens to IR Ecosystems Ethically and Successfully.


Partaking the IR4.0 Growth Journeys of Oil & Gas, Power, Defense, Information and Communications Technology (O&GPD&I) Corporate Entities Striving for Sustainable Business Models & Stakeholders' Ideals.


Are You Ready?

The central business theme of Advocateur is extending the reach of IR4.0 Smart
Solutions. We Connect the Dots. Bridging the link between the
Technologies Providers to the Industries Practitioners.