Connecting The Dots

Encapsulates the central theme to Advocateur’s raison d’etre. As a Boutique Business Advisory Firm focused on facilitating Corporations in their growth journeys, Advocateur employs passionate industries and functions’ specialists to inspire and pursue stakeholders’ ideals.

We craft and execute strategies resulting inclusive and sustainable value creations between entrepreneurs and prolific investments; a business and its clients; technology communities and meaningful deployments.

At the humanistic level, Advocateur reaches out to interpret the complex interaction web through the corporate lenses for the community of policymakers, business leaders, financiers, innovators, social influencers and emerging users to explore and conclude successful business cases.

"This fourth wave of globalization needs to be human-centred, inclusive and sustainable. We are entering a period of profound global instability brought on by the technological disruption of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the realignment of geoeconomics and geopolitical forces."

Professor Klaus Schwab
Founder and Chief Executive
World Economic Forum