Oil & Gas

Digitalization journey powered by the IR4.0 Smart Solutions is in top drive. Advocateur’s experience in the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream indicates a industrial portfolio which will continue to prime spending in technology deployments.

Investments in developing Facilities of the Future and advancement of the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics are at record high. Advocateur is always ready to support the E&P Assets Owners, Consulting Engineers, Constructors and O&M Contractors in this transformation.

Please also keep us in mind if you have solutions to deploy to Receiving Facilities, Refineries, Processing and Distribution Plants. We will expeditiously connect you to the relevant parties.


Power Generation facilities are the main constituent to Advocateur’s domain in this sector. Towards Clean, Efficient Energy Distribution and Storage, critical technologies are emerging with renewable sources, advanced materials and nanotechnologies dominating the stage.

This is ever more urgent as the world’s population is growing, economies are rapidly industrialising and the demand for energy is expected to double globally by 2040.

We advocate collaborative works among the stakeholders to boost the R&D and investments in energy storage technologies, enablers for better fuel efficiency and lower energy loss.


Reliable and trustworthy network of service providers form the backbone to this vulnerable and sensitive business areas presenting opportunities not just for the mainstream activities but also to the infrastructure settings and support services.

Historically, game changing technologies are the successful outcomes of Defense & Technology incubations and pilot applications. We are glad to help you with the opportunities in the Petroleum, Oil and Lubricant (POL) Systems, Ground Support Equipment and Cybersecurity through proven methodologies and architectures.

Information and Communications Technology

As the South East Asian region moves towards advanced economies; Digitalization and Cybersecurity initiatives will experience exponential growth with more demands for systems and infrastructures being automated and adequately secured. Plants Automation, Cloud Base Operations & Robotics will lead to better business efficiency.

CAPEX vs OPEX considerations are our moderated debate to businesses amid the fast changing environment, uncertainties and disruptions. Interestingly, investors and entrepreneurs are subjected to a shorter gestation period in stabilising the growth of business offerings to this sector.