SME Business Modelling

Our strategic consultation program provides you with a structured business plan to raise your Corporation’s values through strengthened capacities and capabilities supported by the right funding options.

Management Consulting

Strategy Consulting

Change Management

Private Equity Placement

Market Development

Advocateur will accelerate your critical reach to the targeted segments and jointly work with you to an organised acquisition of new markets.

Products Introduction

New Market Segments

Portfolio Integrations

Market Augmentation & Geographical Expansion

Allow us to expand the boundary and navigate the path for you to progress exponentially.

Market Share Enhancement

New Geographical Areas

International Trade Facilitation

Corporate & Legal Services

Our expert consultations and advice integrate the industrial perspective towards understanding your business needs and offer the best fit solutions to your corporate objectives.

Contracts/Memorandum of Agreement /Memorandum of Understanding Review

Incorporated and Unincorporated Consortiums Formation

Dispute Management

Industry Expert Advice

Business Acquisition Advisory

Financial Consultancy

We shall lead you to an effective financial advice for the optimum resource sizing in your capital deployment, ensuring mitigated risks and maximised returns.

Financial Projection and Reporting

Investment Appraisal

Investment Memorandum

Funding Options & Issues

Risk Analysis